Do Girls Even Like Anime?

I’m here to tell you why I decided to start a blog about anime. Honestly, I think no one will care – but if you do, thanks for reading!

Anime has always been an enigma to me. It is so diverse and it draws in such interesting crowds. I wanted to try and immerse myself in this culture. Let me tell you, it is A LOT to take in. There are hardcore anime fans. These fans are dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate. I made the decision to try and be on their level of passion.

However, I found myself only being drawn to animes that revolved around high school girls and zombies. Zombieland Saga and School-Live! are my favourite ones.

It’s probably super stereotypical for a girl to like anime of this genre. But I’ve come to realize being a female anime fan is a lot more intimidating than it seems.

It comes with judgment and people don’t take you seriously.

I’m here to prove all you haters wrong. Follow me on my journey to prove that girls can love anime as much as the next dude.


The Spooky Anime You Need To See Today

It’s Halloween! What is the best way to spend your Halloween evening? The best way is to eat all the chips or candy and binge watch Castlevania.

That is my plan for tonight. As I was deciding what to blog tonight, the topic of Castlevania kept popping up. So, I decided to watch the trailers on Netflix… and I think I’m sold.

  1. It contains all the elements you need for a good Halloween themed anime – the vampires, the monsters and the drama.
  2. It plays on the plot of a corrupt bishop. It adds an element that I’m not used to seeing in animes, so I’m excited to see how they develop this plot.
  3. It’s only two seasons so you know I’ll be able to finish all the episodes tonight and still have candy leftover.
  4. AND it reminds me of this video of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Talk about a real throw-back! As I was watching the trailer to Castlevania this video and song are all my mind could think about. So, it makes me more excited because it reminds me of my 8-year-old self, watching this video with my older brother.

Comment below! What are other Halloween-themed animes you’re aware of? Have you watched Castlevania before? What are your thoughts? Let me know! 

The Best Anime Costumes

This week I’m going to stray away from my weekly reviews about anime episodes. As much as I’d love to share my thoughts on Zombieland Saga I want to talk about Halloween.

Halloween is one week away from today! If you’re like me and are super lazy you probably wait until the day before to decide on a costume. You want something simple – you want something that can probably be assembled with items in your closet. At this point, you’re probably half committed to the idea but don’t want to look like an idiot.

If you’re an anime fan and want to look super kawaii I’ve got the costume idea for you!

Here are three EASY Halloween costumes from popular animes:

  • Cells at Work! – Red Blood Cell

All you need is a lot of red. You’ll need a pair of jean shorts with a red belt, a black t-shirt, a red jacket, a red and black hat (a red beret can probably work), white gloves, black socks and red shoes. If you wanted, you could even colour your hair red at this point.

It’s an easy costume to assemble. Majority of the items are easy to find in your closet, from a friend or at like a regular clothing department.


  • Kiki’s Delivery Service

All you need is a blue ¾ sleeve cotton dress, a red bow, red flats, a brown side bag and a broom! If you have a black cat that will complete the outfit.

It’s a classic look. If no one can guess who you are, just remember that you still look cute.


  • My Neighbour Totoro

This one requires a little DIY and a little imagination. So, get your arts and crafts ready! You’ll need an over-sized grey t-shirt, and preferably grey leggings to match. You’ll need to cut out the tummy and markings out of construction paper and attach it to the shirt. To make the ears, you can use a headband and cardboard to cut out the shape of the ears. I suggest using a hot glue gun to make sure that everything stays in place. You can also make the little leaf umbrella with construction paper and a stick. To finish off the costume you can use makeup to draw whiskers and a nose.

Like I said, this costume requires more effort – but it can be done well if you use the proper materials to create the added designs like the stomach and ears. If no one gets it, at least you tried, right?


Last minute anime costumes can be so cool if you have a majority of the elements for the costume. You can be as creative as you want or you can put in minimal effort. It’s Halloween so have fun with it!

Do you have a costume idea in mind? If so, comment below or share a picture! I’d love to see how you made your favourite anime character come to life!

Zombieland Saga is More Than a Little Strange

I was scrolling through the @Crunchyroll Twitter timeline and Zombieland Saga popped up a lot. Apparently, it’s really good and people like it but I’m not sure why. 

Here are my thoughts after watching the first episode: 

  1. It is so weird. A better word to use for the show is eccentric. It begins very disconnectedly. I didn’t know what was happening and was confused throughout the whole episode. I was under the assumption that it was strictly about zombies – nope, it’s about IDOL ZOMBIES. It’s supposed to be a parody of idol animes, so maybe that’s why it’s so weird.
  2. Don’t have high expectations for the show. I suggest forming an opinion after watching the first episode.
  3. I’d watch the next episode. It had me laughing which is enough to make me want to keep watching.

I’m interested to see how the plot will develop… or if there is a solid plot at all. Regardless, it’s an eccentric take on zombies, idols and typical anime girls. 

Have you heard of Zombieland Saga? What are your thoughts on the anime? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Click the link to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

There’s No Hope for Amateur Adventurers

This anime is dark. I was not expecting the plot at all. It’s been a few days since I watched the pilot episode and it still surprises me.

There will be spoilers. So, I suggest to watch it right now, or continue reading – but you’ve been warned.

If you caught all the symbolism that hinted to the misfortunes of the characters I salute you. It wasn’t until my brother (who loves anime more than his own girlfriend) pointed them out to me that I finally understood. The sword mishaps and the sneaky grins were all foreshadowings of the impending doom of the secondary characters.

They all die so fast and so tragically!

Like I said, it’s an underdog. It starts off as your typical cute young adventurer that gets saved by the hero – only to discover that the monsters and goblins are much harder to defeat.

They are evil, horrendous and deadly.

What makes the show so dark is that it doesn’t leave room for hope. For instance, one of the female characters gets stabbed by the goblins. We find out later in the episode that the dagger that stabbed her is poisonous. There is no antidote to save her so they immediately kill her off.

It depicts the realities of an amateur “adventurer”. These amateur adventurers are not prepared for the battles ahead, and they all die due to their lack of training.

The anime takes on these typical plots but adds a dark twist to it. I think it does a good job of using juxtaposition to show light from dark, good versus evil and amateur to veteran “adventurers”.

I personally think this anime started off on a strong note. It leaves the viewer with several questions and wanting more.

Have you watched Goblin Slayer? If so, what are your thoughts? Did you find the plot dark and twisted like I did? Comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.


The Underdogs for Fall 2018

It’s the fall 2018 anime recommendations! Or rather, winter… since it just snowed in Winnipeg today. While some animes are highly anticipated, here are the ones I think are worth keeping up with.

Fairy Tail

  • It basically follows the adventures of Lucy after she joins this famous guild: Fairy Tail.
  • It’s a simple plot and generally follows the same theme of good versus evil. I think it’s just a light-hearted anime that reminds me of my pre-teen years.
  • It will be airing its last season this fall. It’s been going on forever! So, for anyone who is looking to binge a new anime within the upcoming weeks, I suggest this one.

Sword Art Online

  • This is kind of a cool play on the digital world theme. It’s basically an epic fantasy-like virtual world and people can control their online avatars with their thoughts.
  • I think for its target demographic it does its job at entertaining. The characters could use some work but if you’re into that whole virtual world theme, I say give it a shot.
  • It has quite the fan base so you’re probably guaranteed to find someone else that thinks it’s pretty good.

The underdog: Goblin Slayer

They are set out to premiere within the next week! Let me know your thoughts on Fairy Tail or Sword Art Online. Do you find them basic? Do you just watch them to finish the series? Comment below and don’t forget to hit that follow button!


ANOTHER Avatar: The Last Airbender Adaptation? Plz No.

It’s been on trending on Twitter for the past few weeks. Without a doubt Avatar: The Last Airbender is a show loved by many. Let’s be real here, who didn’t want to bend the elements through martial arts? I bet you practised all those moves to be able to move water or summon fire!

There are two reasons why I believe it’s been trending on Twitter.

Here’s why:

  1. People are ready to compare this upcoming live-action film to the one released in 2010.
  2. There are high hopes for this adaptation to be better because Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko will be executive producers this time around.

There are a lot of people banking on this adaptation to deliver. I personally don’t think we need the live-action adaptation… again. It’s already good as is! The show was funny, had dynamic characters and taught people life lessons. What more could you need?

I’m just interested to see how the visuals will all come to life. How are they going to make the elements bend? I’m just excited to see the editing and special effects.

Let me know what you think! Do you think we need another adaptation? Are you excited for this live-action version? What nation did you want to belong to when you were younger?