That Spring Time Lineup

As the winter season disappears with each new morning sun, we welcome the new spring 2019 animes. Do you think there will be jaw-dropping animes that will be released within the next month?

From what I’ve seen, there are just continuations from popular animes. Here’s a list to name a few:

  1. Fairy Tail Final Season
  2. The Rising of the Shield Hero
  3. Black Clover

I’m sure no one needs me to tell them this though. If you’re a fan of these series, then look forward to it come Spring time. There are probably a ton more – so comment below if you know more!

However, for new animes to come the only one we’re aware of is The Island of Giant Insects. We’re following the Crunchyroll updates to look out for what’s interesting to watch this season. So let’s hope we get more to fangirl over!

The Island of Giant Insects

So there’s going to be an anime focusing on giant insects and the heroine is a woman? This could be interesting.

It’s being adapted from the manga. Basically, a bunch of students get stranded on an island after their plane crashes. The students are then required to fend for their lives when they realize the island is inhabited by big ass bugs. Talk about a real-life nightmare!

The teaser shows several characters being killed off. The premise seems to be very basic and surface-level. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know how it’ll end – so I’m interested to see how it’ll play out and what other dynamics they’ll throw in. It’s gruesome, graphic and wild. People are saying this is the “Goblin Slayer” of Spring 2019.

It’ll be really interesting to see if the anime gets as much attention as Goblin Slayer when it first came out.

Have you read the manga? Are you excited about this adaptation? Comment below!

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Top 3 Qualities in Quintessential Quintuplets

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of this chart all over Twitter for the past few weeks.

D1GX9BYU8AAwbcU (1)

Some of the responses the tweets got where funny – but I felt like I was missing out on the joke. (Clearly I’m late to the party – lame I know.) But the constant anime I kept seeing appear on my timeline was The Quintessential Quintuplets (Gotoubun no Hanayome).

At first, I kept ignoring it because it looked like an annoying anime. I thought it was the typical harem – cutesy girls, charming man and the perfect recipe for a cheesy love story. Except they’re all siblings – quintuplets to be exact.

But it was all over my timeline. I couldn’t avoid it – so I caved and watched.

Here are my top 3 reasons for liking the anime: 

  1. The sisters (Itsuki, Miku, Ichika, Nino and Yotsuba) have their quirks. They appear to be very different from one another, but all have a common interest in Fuutarou (the boy). I haven’t watched far enough yet to fully see the sisters character development, but here’s to hoping they continue to be strong stand-alone characters.
  2. It’s funny. Overall, I found myself laughing while watching. Maybe because I find a lot of things funny. However, some of it was a little cliché. (Maybe that’s why I liked it…)
  3. I liked the idea that five sisters have no interest in school. I’m used to seeing female characters be typical school girls. So it was a little refreshing to see their apathy towards their education. However, girls that need tutoring – that was cliché – BUT five sisters that need tutoring was not cliché. So that was cool.

I think I’ve found an anime I’m willing to binge with high hopes that Fuutarou will fall in love with one of the sisters and that the character development is strong enough for me to continue watching.

Only time will tell – so follow me on twitter @HomegirlOtaku for my updates about this anime!

Anime Girls for International Women’s Day

There are many female anime characters we dream about. Anime has seen a wide range of memorable female anime characters over the past year. We’ve seen the cutesy girl, the high-tech badass, the love-interest, the “robots” and even the bunny girls.

There are two animes that I’ve grown so fond of that portray women in such differing light:  

  1. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

  2. Violet Evergarden 

The animes are so different from one another. We have Violet Evergarden with a more mature and Bunny Girl Senpai is more light-hearted – but the issues and challenges the women face to find themselves are what I love the most.

Mai Sakurakima: 

She faces adolescent syndrome but is such a cutesy girl! She’s literally dressed in a bunny girl suit but she’s more complex than that. She’s cynical but has a compassionate side that I find so compelling about her. TBH, I think I just like her because she reminds me of myself – to an extent. I also think she’s outrageously beautiful – even in her bunny girl suit.

Violet Evergarden: 

She lacks human emotions but is a ghost-writer for people’s thoughts and feelings. It’s her one way to rediscover herself and feel a connection. She is a more serious character and harder to relate to – but her character development and background story make her interesting. While she isn’t cutesy, she makes up for it in her growing human interactions.

Anime lovers fascinate about anime girls all day long. I can’t enjoy anime without a strong female character. So, I’m glad I found Mai and Violet. They’re deep. They’re relatable. They’re pretty. What’s not to love? 

Comment below with your favourite anime girl and why!

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The Anime Scene in Canada

mikanmaru24 is a Vancouver-based DJ and instrumentalist. A lot of his sets include j-pop, k-pop, and anisongs.

To be frank, I’ve never encountered a DJ that focused on that kind of genre before. I think it’s cool and respectable. There’s a whole market out there and can totally vibe to your set, and you basically control how they feel through the song choice.

But how does one get into DJ-ing and focusing on using anisongs.

“Well, this all starts with my love of music – as aside from Anime, music was my outlet in coping with my struggles and my way to express a lot of my feelings and emotions,” says mikanmaru24.

“Through DJing, I found that it was much easier to express my feelings and thoughts through the music I spun, mixed, and played around with. And then secondly – I was exposed to a taste of Winnipeg’s Idol/Anime dance culture, through a live dance concert ran by Dwarf No Cachette. This was an important event for me, as it exposed me to how idol culture was quickly sweeping anime communities across Canada – and from my perspective, significantly being established as the premiere entertainment pieces in many cons and anime events.”

He was at Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019 and shared a lot of videos on his insta stories. It was so cool to see cosplayers dancing and just having a good time. 

It’s interesting to note how he got his sound and found his audience. As a DJ that is based in Vancouver, wouldn’t the vibes be different? Mikanmaru24 shares his influences, inspirations and finding that right fit with the anime crowds.

“I found out that a subculture called “Anikura” (Music events based around Anime/Video Game music) has been sweeping across idol scenes, as WOTA’s gather around and Chant, Call, and do Wotagei dances to Anime and Video Game music. And thus, because of this subculture growing within idol cultures, I found an audience to finally perform and express to others my feelings and thoughts (especially ones that are bottled up) through music.”

“As of recently, however, I have embraced the 90’s Aesthetic as a part of my new look during performances, promotional materials, and performance outfits. The 90’s Aesthetic was definitely a result of my move to Vancouver, the city that I was born in and sparked my love of anime and video games.”

It’s clear that his connection to the anime community is one that is respected and admired. People performed, people danced and people expressed themselves through the culture.

It’s important to note that mikanmaru24 is based in Vancouver. We asked him to highlight different qualities he’s seen between the two regions and what they offer to the anime community here in Canada.

“I kind of find there is a difference between Anime scenes in different Canadian cities. I can speak to both Winnipeg and Vancouver,” says mikanmaru24.

“I find that people in the Anime Scene in Winnipeg are a lot closer in terms of relationships than Vancouver, where a lot of people know each other. I think this is a result of again, a smaller population in Winnipeg, which lets people see familiar faces more frequently during conventions, and quite possibly in non-convention meetups/gatherings. I find that Anime scenes in Winnipeg are also a lot more intimate.”

We think that’s beautiful. As a new anime blog, we’ve gotten a lot of support from many people here in Winnipeg. So we agree with mikanmaru24!

While the world has so much to offer, we’re lucky to have had the opportunity to speak to Winnipeg-locals about their anime experience.

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mikanmaru24 and Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019

Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019 will be graced by mikanmaru24. He’s a Vancouver-based DJ and instrumentalist taking the anime scene by storm. 

We love his efforts to get his Instagram followers involved in picking his line up for his gigs and his fusion of j-pop, k-pop, and anisongs.

He gives us the rundown about what to expect from him and his set on February 23, 2019, at the Ai-Kon Winterfest. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Are you excited for Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019? What are you most excited about?

I‘m very excited to see all my friends back in Winnipeg! I am also excited to DJ – at the first con, I have ever DJ’d at. Ai-Kon Winterfest is definitely where it started for me. I am also looking forwards to a fellow Vancouver act that will be featured at Winterfest – Seishun Youth Academy! (Whom I have watched twice here in Vancouver!). 

  • How do you plan on making an impression at the con?

Well, last year during Winterfest….. I have actually DJ’d for 7 hours straight! There were a lot of circumstances that led to that point, but out of all the gigs I have done, Winterfest 2018 remains to be the longest time I have DJ’d (And don’t forget – this was my first gig at a con!). However, I don’t think I intend on breaking that record this year, but I will probably have like a 30min break while I catch up with friends (For those reading – my mentor Kevin will be covering me!). But, I’ll do this…
When I DJ in front of a crowd, its like a painting – I either prepare music or play music that will allow me to express my emotions and feelings into the social scene I want to create. or sustain. And thus – I do plan on impressing others by drawing people to the dance area through my music and to collaborate and work with different dance groups in creating impromptu performances for all in Ai-Kons front lobby to watch and participate. For example, last year at Winterfest, I have managed to work with the different love live dance groups in doing a very huge Kaguya Dance to end off activities in the Dance Area on a very very high note! 
Next week, we’ll share about his inspirations, his humble beginnings and his journey to how he got to where he is now.


If you’re at Winnipeg’s Ai-Kon Winterfest 2019 – please let me know! I won’t be able to make it this year and I want to hear ALL about it.

I had the opportunity to interview some cosplayers who will be there this weekend. Send me pictures or comment below to let me know what your favourite part of the con was!

What’s Your Magical Girl Style?

I remember sitting in the family living room and watching anime with my brother. We usually watched InuYasha but I ALWAYS wanted to watch CardCaptors.

Like, come on, how cute yet badass was Sakura? I always wanted to be her. I wanted her outfit, her little sidekick and her crazy powers. But obviously, as I grew up the cutesy fascination went away. I wanted to be a badass.

Yet, I still don’t know what type of magical or superhero I’d be. So, obviously out of pure boredom, I took a quiz to find out what kind of badass magical girl I am.

“When it comes to protecting the world, a magical girl is just the thing—but not all magical girls are created equal! Some are witchy and some are princesses; some are team players and some go it solo. And some, like the Magical Five of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka, are downright deadly!”

This was the quiz prompt. Like what a solid hook!

After several questions about technology, wardrobe, sidekicks – basically everything a Magical Girl needs here’s what I got:

Sufficiently-Advanced Tech Girl

Clarke’s Third Law states that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic—and that’s what you’re all about! Your skills come from high-tech weaponry and amazing inventions rather than magical powers. Even if no one else knows how many man-hours of work went into making that henshin look smooth, YOU do.

Screenshot 2019-02-14 13.24.20

I mean, it’s not far off from what I am now just without the magic… That’s wild. I guess I was never meant for the cutesy world, but for some high-tech futuristic world.

What kind of Magical Girl would you want to be? Have you taken the quiz before? If not, here’s the link! Comment below and let me know what you got!

Dear Cosplay Community, Listen Up!

If cosplay is a form of roleplay, expressing yourself and having fun – how does one enjoy cosplay? It’s a cultural phenomenon. It has taken on so many forms. It baffles me how people can keep up.

If you’re dressing up, doesn’t that only last for like a day or two? So what’s the point?

I set out to find cosplayers in Winnipeg to help answer my questions.

Here are their answers:

@aspera.cos (Julie) –

“The first time I considered cosplaying, it was because I was already neck-deep in text-based roleplay and fanfiction. I had grown to love certain characters enough to want to write them in my own stories, so I thought — why not also try to portray them in real life?”

“Handmaking your own costume, while still a lot of work, has become easier with the availability of cosplay-specific fabrics, wig stores, crafting materials like thermoplastics, and a wealth of tutorials. Getting started can definitely seem overwhelming, but beginner cosplayers these days are in a fantastic position, believe me!”

@juzpeachycosplay (Geo) –

“I think the part that makes cosplay so popular is because of how open the cosplay community is and everyone can go to conventions without feeling judged and just be their nerdy selves.”

@auracosplay (Rey) –

Cosplay came when I was a lot older and was something I always did on the side when I found out what it was anyways. Before I decided to focus more on being a cosplayer, I was an artist at local conventions and while I did cosplay, it wasn’t to the caliber of quality that it is now! I used to follow quite a few cosplayers on tumblr and they definitely inspired me to wear cosplay when I could!”

“I think it’s for a lot of people who enjoy dressing up more than one time a year, and who enjoy portraying their favourite character(s) as themselves! Popularity also likely came from a lot of people “jumping on the bandwagon” as one may say, where one person starts to get into something and slowly their friends join in because it’s something that looks like lots of fun!”

Everyone seems to have their own cosplay journey – I mean, such is life. So for people to really put themselves out there and explore a whole new realm of challenges is insane! There is inspiration everywhere, and from the answers above cosplay can take on its own form.

These cosplayers took time out of their busy lives to answer more questions about cosplay and the role it plays in their lives. Follow my blog to read more about various opinions and levels to cosplay. My journey to understanding cosplay is a lot more complex than I was anticipating. But I am excited.

Share your comments below! I’d love to learn more and maybe attempt to cosplay myself in the near future.

Dear Cosplay Community, I Need Help

I feel like one can’t have an anime blog and NOT touch upon the topic of cosplay. It’s there. It’s important. It’s everywhere. But most importantly it’s great.

However, as much as I find cosplay wonderful and creative, I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea as to why people love it so much. It takes up a lot of time, it can be costly and sometimes it can come with a lot of pressure.

I can see how people use it as a form of expression – to which, I commend you all. But, my question is why do people do it? What’s the point?

I set out to find cosplayers in Winnipeg to help answer my questions.

Here are their answers:

@aspera.cos (Julie) –

“Cosplay is the harmony between “costume” and “roleplay”. There is actually a very fascinating history behind it,” says Julie. “The short of it is that it has always meant to differentiate itself from regular “dress-up” by the individual’s connection with the character and ability to portray the source, and express themselves through it. It’s like modelling meets theatre, or fashion meets improv.”

@juzpeachycosplay (Geo) –

“Cosplay is when people dress up as characters they like. Some people dress up as anime characters, while others like dressing up as comic book characters like Batman, etc. It’s not limited to one type of show, video game or character,” says Geo. “Another thing worth pointing out is some people like or want to go to conventions, but they feel like they should cosplay. You don’t need to cosplay to go to conventions though, it’s entirely up to you.”

@auracosplay (Rey) –

“The idea or concept of cosplay, at least for me, is dressing up and having fun with my friends!” says Rey. “To escape reality, even just for a little bit to parade around as one of your favourite characters and just simply have fun.”

@dark_lonely_princess (Dark) –

“Cosplay, in my opinion, is a way of expressing one’s talent threw costumes and wigs,” says Dark. “Most people cosplay characters that they relate to in a way and that’s what gets them to start cosplaying because they like the idea of being that character even if it’s for a short amount of time.”

These cosplayers took the time out of their busy lives to answer more questions about cosplay and the role it plays in their lives. Follow my blog to read more about various opinions and levels to cosplay. My journey to understanding cosplay is a lot more complex than I was anticipating. But I am excited.

Granted, everyone’s idea of cosplay is different but these cosplayers gave me an inside look at the dimensions of cosplay. It’s more than just dress up and pretend.

Share your comments below! I’d love to learn more and maybe attempt cosplay myself in the near future.

Why is a Slime So Popular?

The anime appeared all over my social media timelines. I always thought it was a bit of a joke so I didn’t give it a second thought. However, after much deliberation and recommendations here and there I thought to give it a shot.

Isekai shows can be hit or miss, but That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime focuses on world building and working towards peace. Rimuru (the slime) wants to change how monsters and humans live in a world – the goal is to create a peaceful world of monsters and men.

The slime basically tries to find ways to find his place in this world – after all he once was human only to die and come back as a powerful ball of slime… Like that plot is already so interesting!

You’d think it’d be a dud and have nothing to offer, but it parallels itself with real-world issues like breaking barriers for a perfect world. Talk about socially responsible, in a low-key way. I think I’ll keep watching – I mean a slime saving the entire isekai genre is unreal.